The Academy of Human Resources Development (AHRD) is India’s premier institution specializing in human resources development for all organizational forms. Founded in 1990 as a trust and registered society with support of the National HRD Network and some of the professors of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, including Late Dr. Udai Pareek, Dr T V Rao, Dr. D. M. Pestonjee and a number of HRD professionals and people- management oriented corporations. The Academy’s mission is to develop outstanding professionals to transform HRD practices in the country. The Academy is supported by a number of distinguished HRD and OB professionals, and people-management oriented corporations and institutions.

Academy’s activities include: Professional Development Programs for HRD Facilitators, Round Table people-management oriented corporations and Conferences & Seminars, Fellow & Associate Programs (equivalent to PhD level and M. Phil level) in HRD & OD and Collaborative Diploma Programs. Twenty nine students have been awarded the title of Fellow, Human Resource Development. The Academy also undertakes Research Activities, In-Company Training, & Consultancy Projects.

For more information, visit us at: http://www.academyofhrd.org


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